Martin Firrell brings All Identity is Constructed project to UK billboards

Known for his socially-engaged public art, artist Martin Firrell’s latest work focuses on ‘identity equality’ and will be viewable on digital billboards in the UK until the end of August.

The work, which gives voice to three different identities in a series of 90-second video works, presents the act of choosing one’s identity as a human right.

The new project, says Firrell, is “motivated by a desire to make life easier for people who don’t fit into the usual identity ‘moulds’”. This thinking led him to focus on outdoor advertising, he says, and whether it could be a platform for messages of tolerance.

The three films, featuring Rose, Tyler and Michelle, are shown below and are currently on display on digital billboards across the country.

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“I’m asking society for more ‘elbow room’ in the way we think about identity,” Firrell explains. “I want to support the LGBT+ community,” he says, as well as “anyone who feels the need to make an unusual identity choice in order to feel real to themselves. Acknowledging identity equality is the next major step forward on the road to a fairer and more open society.”

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In Complete Hero in 2009, Firrell explored the concept of ‘heroism’ in a series of projections made on the The Guards Chapel of the Household Division of the British Army.

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More at – see also @allidentity and #allidentity on Twitter. The project is presented in partnership with Clear Channel, Outdoor Plus and Primesight

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