Marvel celebrates superhero nurses with The Vitals

Forget Thor’s hammer or Captain America’s shield, these Marvel superheroes are armed with latex gloves, masks, and scrubs

The Vitals is a one-off comic book, created in partnership with US non-profit Allegheny Health Network – spearheaded by ad agency Doner – and paying homage to the daily acts of bravery by health workers dealing with the fallout of Covid-19.

It’s put together in classic Marvel style, but in place of fictional superheroes it’s instead based on the real-life experiences of people working in the company’s 13 hospitals in Western Pennsylvania.

The comic book is intended as an ‘amalgam’ of the stories shared by many of these nurses, and according to AHN is an attempt to recognise their contribution during a difficult time. As well as the day-to-day parts of working in a hospital, the comic looks at the extra challenges of dealing with Covid – such as the marks left behind by masks worn for hours at a time – as well as the inner thoughts of nurses concerned about how hospitals will cope, and what the future may bring.

The Vitals will be distributed throughout AHN’s hospitals, and is also available as a digital version on Marvel’s site.

Agency: Doner
Global CCO: Eric Weisberg
EVP ECDr: Jon Krevolin
SVP group creative director: Stephen Osterman
Copywriters: Burke DiPiazza, Jay Brockmeier
Art directors: Rob Reid, Sara Showers


Milton Keynes