Mastering Creativity: CR’s online learning programme

We’re launching our first ever CPD accredited online learning programme; a six-part video-based course that has been designed to unlock your creative potential

You may be a few years into your career or a seasoned pro seeking to take your creative skills to the next level – a creative or designer or client-side. Mastering Creativity’s carefully curated content will increase your confidence in your creative abilities to enable you to generate, articulate and sell your ideas, as well as helping you to develop a creative culture within your own organisation.

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The course is led by creativity expert Claire Bridges who has worked with thousands of designers, creatives and clients to unlock their creative potential. Claire is one of only a handful of people to have achieved an MSc in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership. In addition, leading industry professionals including Sir John Hegarty, Michael Johnson, Caroline Pay, Jim Sutherland, Zia Zareem-Slade and CR Editor Patrick Burgoyne share their creative secrets in exclusive videos shot for the course.

This CPD accredited programme is the perfect way to take your creative work and career to the next level.

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