Matador M: Barcelona

The 2010 issue of Matador magazine – the beautifully produced annual magazine published by La Fábrica – is devoted to celebrating the city of Barcelona…


The 2010 issue of Matador magazine – the beautifully produced annual magazine published by La Fábrica – is devoted to celebrating the city of Barcelona…


Matador magazine was first published in 1995, with issue A, and will continue to be produced annually until 2022, when issue Z will end the project. Each issue is bilingual, with the text in both Spanish and English, and it is big, measuring 30 x 40cm. It is immaculately designed, offering photography fans what has sadly become a rare treat – a magazine that publishes imagery full page and in large format. For its first ten issues, the magazine was designed by Fernando Gutiérrez, and it is now designed by Pablo Rubio, who took over at issue K.


By Francesc Català-Roca, image © Fonda Fotográfico Francesc Català-Roca – Arxiu Fotogràfic COAC


Issue M is themed on Barcelona and will include both classic photography from Francesc Català-Roca alongside more recent work from photographers including Eduardo Mendoza, Félix de Azúa and Fernando Amat. In addition there will be texts from Barcelona-based writers, and architect Óscar Tusquets has written a piece for the magazine about his love for the city. Celebrated chef Ferran Adrià exposes secrets from the kitchen of El Bulli and there is also a CD which brings together a selection of songs from the Sónar Festival, especially selected for Matador. Matador M uses the Clarendon typeface.


La Casa Ugalde [Ugalde House] by Jordi Sarrá, image © Jordi Sarrá


And if all that’s not enough, for the full Matador experience, you can sit back to read your copy of Matador, while listening to the Matador CD, and sup on some Matador wine from the Matador Wine Cellar. This time the wine is a red, produced by Mariano García from his San Román winery.


Page from Ferran Adrià’s Secret Notebook on life in the kitchen at El Bulli, image © Jordi Nieva


Matador is created by La Fábrica, which is also behind the excellent annual photography festival PHotoEspaña in Madrid, and is available online here for 60 euros.

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