The art of Max Cooper

We talk to the producer about his AV show and visual album Yearning for the Infinite, and delve into how his background shaped his creative endeavours and why nature is fertile ground for creative experimentation

If you’re going to address life’s big questions, it seems only right to have an adequately expansive production to go with it. So goes Max Cooper’s latest venture, Yearning for the Infinite, a remarkable exploration of human nature that, fittingly, appears to be ever-evolving itself.

The project arose from a commission from the Barbican in London as part of their Life Rewired season, which was dedicated to “what it means to be human when technology is changing everything”. For the next year and a half, Cooper worked on creating an audiovisual interpretation of the infinite in response to “our seemingly endless desire to move forwards somehow, as individuals and as a species”. His efforts culminated in a spectacular AV show – now touring around the world – and a newly released visual album.

As far as producers go, there are few who would be better equipped for the brief. Cooper has long been using technology to explore the intricacies of nature and how they’re mirrored in humans. Six years ago, he embarked on Emergence, the first project in which he explicitly married music and visuals with scientific ideas. It also marked the first time he applied a concept to the visuals before tackling the music, a ‘scoring’ approach he’s taken through to future projects, including Yearning for the Infinite.