Quirky McDonald’s Canada ad celebrates the joy of friendship (and fries)

A man waxes lyrical about how much he’s looking forward to meeting his friend for a McDonald’s, even if he always nicks his fries

It’s surprising what we might have missed during the pandemic. There’s the obvious stuff – hugs with friends and family, the chance to talk over travails and triumphs face to face – and then there’s the small moments that might have even been a bit annoying, but now they’re prevented, you want them back.

This new ad from McDonald’s Canada from ad agency Cossette is an amusing take on the latter premise. Titled Steal My Fries, it sees a man reminisce, via the medium of song, about his friend’s annoying eating habits.

The spot is the latest in what appears to be a burgeoning trend in advertising of taking a musical theatre approach (see this Samsung ad from last week for another recent example). Directed by Max Sherman, it certainly makes the most of the ridiculousness of turning an ad for fries into a power ballad.

Agency: Cossette
Director: Max Sherman
Production Company: OPC