McDonald's big mac

McDonald’s Canada launches confetti-inspired campaign

Created to celebrate the opening of new and renovated McDonald’s restaurants in Canada, the visuals feature classic menu items in the form of bursts of confetti

The campaign is the latest from McDonald’s to lean into the graphic shapes of its products, with the Big Mac, Fries, McFlurry and Egg McMuffin all making an appearance.

While previous posters for the French and UK markets have featured alternative versions of the menu items, in this campaign from Cossette they are rendered in a more dramatic form, to emphasise the atmosphere of celebration and “welcome our customers with an invitation that embodies the festive spirit and friendly atmosphere of McDonald’s”, explains Melissa Hains, director, field marketing at McDonald’s Canada.

The images were created by firing real-life confetti into the air, giving the final images a hand-made, rather than CGI, feel. “The challenge was to bring our visuals to life using an uncommon technique involving something in motion,” explains Alexandre Jutras, creative director at Cossette.

“We used an ultra high-speed camera and a trampoline to shoot the brightly coloured confetti into the air, and the results were simply stunning: photos that are playful, modern and captivating.”

Agency: Cossette
Production Agency: Consulat
ECDs: Anne-Claude Chénier, Alexandre Gadoua, Jason Hill
Creative Directors: Alexandre Jutras, Cédric Audet
Copywriter: François-Julien Rainville
Art Director: Philippe Leblanc
Photographer: Mathieu Lévesque