McDonald’s turns weather reporter in new ads

McDonald’s has turned its food products into weather icons in a new outdoor digital campaign running this April, reflecting the country’s notoriously unpredictable spring weather.


The Brits of course love to talk about the weather. Never more so coming out of winter, when the weather seems to one day feature the bright sunshine of high summer, the next be freezing and pouring with rain. And as Prince once pointed out, sometimes it will even snow in April.

Drawing on this unpredictability is a new campaign for McDonald’s from Leo Burnett London, which uses digital billboards to give live updates on the weather, but with a twist: the traditional icons of sun and rain have been replaced by McDonald’s food products.


Yes, here an unwrapped burger becomes the sun, while an upturned box of fries is rain. Quite what weather horrors a box of tumbling chicken nuggets or an ice cream sundae are telling us I’m not sure, but the overall message is clear: any weather is supposedly good for a McDonald’s.

The campaign features real-time weather data provided by the MET office, and continues a recent trend from McDonald’s of using its food as minimalist icons in its ads.

Agency: Leo Burnett London
CCO: Chaka Sobhani
Creative director: Pete Heyes
Creatives: Ben Newman, Liane Dowling
Designers: Paul Reddington, Kinda Savarino
Illustrator: James Andrews
Production company: Grand Visual


Milton Keynes