McFetridge and The Wild Things

A lovely small book of Geoff McFetridge’s drawings created whilst working on the titles, type treatments and marketing graphics for Where The Wild Things Are…

We just received a copy of this small but beautifully formed book (published by Nieves right at the end of last year) which collects some of Geoff McFetridge’s drawings created whilst working with Spike Jonze on the titles, type treatments and marketing graphics for Jonze’s film, Where The Wild Things Are

The book is a little under A4 in size and has just 16 pages of work – but it’s beautiful. As well as illustration work, a page in the book has a little bit of blurb about the collected work by McFetridge – who has worked with Jonze on various projects before. Here’s an extract from the text:

“I noticed a difference when I began working on Where the Wild Things Are. For the first time I felt that Spike and I were working on a project where I could actually contribute in a significant way. Much less of what I was making was being thrown away, which was a first. I was given the opportunity to interpret not only Spike Jonze’s interpretation of Where the Wild Things Are, but also Maurice Sendak’s original book.

Like any kid growing up in the 70’s I was greatly influenced by Mr. Sendak’s books. His books are not just on my bookshelf they are in my blood. What I did with the titles, type treatments and marketing graphics also owes greatly to the heavy creative lifting done by Sonny Gerasimowicz who designed the creatures in the film and the Art Direction of K.K. Barrett.”

Here are a few spreads:

The 16 page book measures, 19.5 x 25.5 cm, and is printed on Color Offset and a copy will set you back $14 from

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