Meat Studio on bridging cultures through design

Ronald Tau, the founder of design practice Meat Studio, talks to us about the joys and challenges of being “a cultural chameleon”

Independent design practice Meat Studio was founded in 2015 by Ronald Tau, who had previously spent several years working with agencies around the world such as Ogilvy and 2×4 Beijing. Inspired to “craft my own space and find my own voice”, he chose to set up Meat and run it between Beijing and Toronto – the latter of which is where Tau is currently based.

In the years since, Meat has built up an enviable portfolio of clients, including Nike, adidas, Vogue, and the NBA. This success is in part due to the studio’s refreshing approach to projects, which Tau says “always starts with an unapologetically open mind and a true novice’s curiosity.”

The Meat team pride themselves on asking endless questions, diving deep into the research, and establishing a strong understanding of their client and the brief they have been given. “We lay out the toys we can play with once the serious research and strategy is done,” adds Tau.

Top and above: Identity for chocolate brand Mid-Day Squares