A Meeting of Minds: Headspace, Nexus & mindful storytelling

The Headspace creative team has been working with Nexus Studios to convey the complexities of the mind through a series of charming animations. Here, they explain the approach that’s bringing millions to their films – and making mindfulness and meditation more accessible

Based in Santa Monica in California, guided meditation platform Headspace was first launched in 2010 by former Bhuddist monk Andy Puddicombe and ex ad agency man Rich Pierson as a way of bringing mindfulness to people through talks and events. The pair then took the Headspace offering online, via a website, an app, various themed ‘packs’ and videos, and since then the company has grown and evolved – acquiring millions of users along the way – in its mission “to improve the health and happiness of the world”.

Animation is a vital part of the Headspace experience and has proven to be a successful way of both bringing people to meditation and encouraging those who do practice to stay the course. And, this month, Headspace launched a fleet of new films within its app created by long-term collaborators, London’s Nexus Studios – many of which are also being posted to YouTube so that its advice on mindfulness and meditation can be shared further.