Megaforce creates gravity-defying new ad for Burberry

The magical spot pays homage to windswept Autumn days and the wide open spaces of nature

Burberry’s latest ad sees the brand reunited with directing team Megaforce and choreographers (La) Horde, who previously produced its hugely successful Festive campaign, released last Christmas.

Whereas that ad featured a cool update of classic song Singin’ in the Rain, and a team of dancers striding through London, the mood of this new ad is more thoughtful and poetic as a gang of Burberry-clad friends find themselves gliding weightlessly through the British countryside.

The ad arrives at a time when our relationship with nature has been spotlighted by the pandemic. And while the movements of the dancers are otherworldly and impossible, the scenes are nonetheless rooted in imagery that will be familiar in a year where many of us have rediscovered the joy of the British countryside.

“For this film, we had the idea to celebrate the joy of being free, the love for nature, and the strength of the collective,” say Megaforce, who were behind the ad’s creative idea as well as its direction. “These are familiar themes to Burberry’s vocabulary as well as its heritage of exploring the outdoors. We wanted to communicate these notions and it’s such a nice feeling when something out of our imagination becomes a reality.”

Accompanying the ad is a series of still images, shot by Ewen Spencer, which continue the themes of nature and the joy of the outdoors.

Agency/Production: Riff Raff Films
Creative/Direction: Megaforce
Choreography: (La) Horde
Editor: Joe Guest
Edit House: Final Cut London
Post: Moving Picture Company