Metal band Slayer releases record that can be “played in Hell”

For their final release, Slayer has created a record – or HELL-P – made from fire resistant metallic copper. It is then encased in packaging that has to be burnt to access the track

The packaging of the record – the band’s final release following their final world tour – consists of a cardboard case which comprises a black inner sleeve. This sleeve contains the HELL-P and is completely sealed. Leaving you no other option than to burn your way to the record in order to play it. The track inside is, of course, printed on a 6,66″ disc (as opposed to usual 7″).

As one commenter wisely put on a YouTube film showing how it all works, “This has to be one of the most metal things I’ve ever seen”.

The HELL-P contains the title track of Slayer’s latest album, The Repentless Killogy, which was originally released last November and recorded on the band’s final world tour. The packaging and the record are both designed by Kolle Rebbe.

Packaging for HELL-P
Packaging and metallic copper record

Six HELL-Ps will be given away to fans via Nuclear Blast, Slayer’s label. Fans can enter the giveaway until January 31 at