Metal. Proper metal

Compressorhead, a new hard rock three piece whose covers are garnering praise on YouTube, look set to take Australia by storm in a few weeks’ time. They’re pretty tight, too, but being a band of robot musicians you wouldn’t expect timing to be an issue

Compressorhead, a new hard rock three piece whose covers are garnering praise on YouTube, look set to take Australia by storm in a few weeks’ time. They’re pretty tight, too, but being a band of robot musicians (with a four-armed drummer) you wouldn’t expect timing to be an issue…

According to, the group – Fingers (guitar), Stickboy (drums) and Bones (bass) – are “the world’s heaviest metal band.” In as much as their setlist reflects this – Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Pantera et al – so does their combined weight which is, apparently, six tonnes.

And by the looks of things, this is no elaborate hoax, or the beginnings of an ad campaign for a new metal website. (If it is, it’s been very well put together.)

Each of the robots appears to have been built by a different team – the 78-fingered guitarist by a German team at Kernschrott (details on his or her construction, here); while the four-armed Stickboy is the creation of by Frank Barnes at Robocross Machines. Backstory on Bones, the enigmatic bassist, has proven hard to find though – he only joined last year.

So if motorik-style drumming and some heavy chordage is your thing, then keep an eye on the band’s schedule. They play the touring Big Day Out festival in Australia, which takes in Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth from January 18. More at

A couple of further clips of the band covering Pantera and, we think, Helmet’s Unsung, below. More at

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