Designing for our MetaLives

As fashion brands launch digital-to-avatar lines and new, immersive social media emerges, our lives in the metaverse are developing at pace. A new report from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence looks at what brands and consumers need to consider in this exciting new world

Spending more time online? You’re not alone, with over 4.6 billion active internet users around the world engaging in online activities as of January 2021. Last year, British adults spent over 3.5 hours online each day and nearly £2.45 billion on and within mobile apps, according to Ofcom’s Online Nation 2021 report.

In an increasingly digital world, people are centering their lives around tech. The virtual domain has given rise to new ecosystems that encompasse commerce, entertainment, education, relationships, wellness, work and more. The new hangouts are virtual venues – digital third spaces where people come together to create, spend time, gather inspiration and connect.

This is perhaps why brands are eager to have a presence in popular multiplayer gaming worlds such as Fortnite and Roblox. In September 2021, Vans launched Vans World, a virtual skatepark hangout destination in Roblox. Players can show off skating tricks, compete in daily challenges, and, most importantly, have creative control, with the brand stating: “Your world, your rules.” Hyundai also appealed to Roblox’s 43.2 million daily users in October with its metaverse playground Hyundai Mobility Adventure.