Michel Gondry’s filmmaking masterclasses for Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign

Following on from his Détour short film shot on an iPhone 7 Plus, Gondry shares his tips for stop motion, slo-mo and more in a series of short clips for Apple

“How-to” films have become a staple of YouTube, but brand product demos are often fairly dry affairs. As an additional extra to his 10-minute Détour short film (covered here), which was shot on an Apple iPhone 7 Plus, director Michel Gondry has made a series of short films with Apple that reveal various aspects of his filmmaking technique.

These ‘masterclasses’ have been released under the title ‘Through the eye of Michel Gondry’ and provide insight into Gondry’s preferred filmmaking techniques including stop motion and perspective tricks while also further demonstrating the phone’s features.

A neat mix of a refreshing take on the product demo film and the trend for online masterclasses by leading creative figures, extending Apple’s much-awarded Shot on iPhone campaign in a new direction and adding an extra content layer to the Détour idea.

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