How adaptability can make or break a studio

Mike Moloney, founder of design and animation studio, Art&Graft, reflects on how being adaptable, in all senses of the word, has allowed him to build a business that is now celebrating its tenth birthday

Adaptability might seem like a throwaway phrase but when it comes to how you deal with changes both within and outside of a business, your reaction and ability to move can have a massive impact. In a creative business especially, being versatile can encompass a range of things from client relationships to visual style, creative processes to industry changes.

Mike Moloney, founder and executive creative director of design and animation production studio Art&Graft, believes the way his team has adapted and shifted how they work is the reason why the studio is now celebrating its tenth anniversary.

“I was a designer and had various design jobs, and then I became a director and was represented by a production company. So I’ve sort of seen the industry from every point of view,” explains Moloney. “[With Art&Graft] I just wanted to create my ideal home, and create the kind of environment for someone to be able to do their best work, and to thrive as much as possible.” 

The studio works on projects that range from visual campaigns to entire rebrands and they work with a diverse array of clients including Google, WhatsApp, Cartoon Network, the BBC and many more. Here, Moloney discusses the team he’s built to work on these projects, how their creative approach has adapted over the years and the importance of putting the idea first to be truly flexible.