Furrowed fields inspire Jack Renwick Studio’s identity for Millbank Farm

Millbank Farm’s new logo resembles a furrowed field

Jack Renwick Studio has created a visual identity inspired by the Northern Irish landscape for a family-run chicken and vegetable farm in County Down.

Millbank Farm provides turnips, leeks and chickens to supermarkets including Lidl and Waitrose. Six generations have grown crops on the site since 1889.

The identity system is based on a graphic pattern created using aerial shots of the local landscape

Jack Renwick Studio was asked to create a brand identity for the farm and after visiting the site, devised a graphic pattern based on aerial shots of the local area. The pattern has been applied to illustrations of turnips, leeks and chickens and appears on all communications.

The farm’s new ‘M’ logo is also made up of furrow lines: “This needed to be applied in a cost-effective manner across different applications, so bags were rubber-stamped and pallet boxes were stencilled with the new mark,” says the studio.

Millbank Farm’s new website includes photographs of farmers out in the fields and an illustrated timeline highlighting the farm’s heritage and expertise

The colour palette features a “leafy green”, “straw-like yellow” and “turnip purple” – inspired by the farm’s produce. Brand positioning emphasises Millbank’s farming expertise with the witty tagline ‘Experts in our fields’.

The identity system features a “leafy green”, yellow and “turnip purple” – a nod to the farm’s produce
Jack Renwick Studio has designed packaging, signage and recipe cards using the new branding

The identity has been applied to clothing, business cards, palette boxes, paper bags and product stickers as well as signage and livery. It is also featured on recipe cards and Millbank’s new website.

Jack Renwick says the farm wanted to raise its profile and establish itself as one of the leading suppliers of fresh chicken and veg in Northern Ireland.

“Many of [Millbank’s] peers and competitors had a much higher profile and visibility due to their branding so there was a need to increase Millbank’s presence in the industry,” she explains. “They hadn’t had anything before this, so it really was a first step into the world of design and branding.”

Millbank’s new branding can be seen around the farm as well as online

It’s a clever solution and proof that great brand identities can be produced on a modest budget.