Mind of a Child – Eye of an Artist

The Central Illustration Agency have collaborated with ad agency AMV BBDO to launch a campaign for the V&A Museum of Childhood based on children’s visions of the future

In September this year, the Central Illustration Agency teamed up with ad agency AMV BBDO to launch a campaign for the V&A Museum of Childhood based on children’s visions of the future.

Mind of a Child – Eye of an Artist was launched to celebrate CIA’s 30th birthday and tied in with the theme of this year’s Big Draw campaign, Draw Tomorrow. More than 50 artists took part, including Sir Peter Blake and CIA founder Brian Grimwood.

After attending an event on September 12, each illustrator was paired with a child aged between three and 12 and asked to interpret their vision of ‘tomorrow’. Some worked under art direction from the children at a live event on October 12 while others worked on pieces from their studios.

The finished projects range from the wonderfully bizarre – a land of pink swimming pools and giant tigers where everyone wears long blue dresses – to more dystopic visions of a future where we live in underground tunnels and mine diamonds for an invisible ruler. One child simply wished to live above a fish and chip shop in Northampton, and another was concerned Africa would be under water after receiving too much Water Aid.

All of the artworks are now on display at the museum and a short film is being made about the project. AMV BBDO also hopes to use the finished pieces in a poster campaign.



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