Mini Stories book explains everyday phenomena in riso prints

Featuring striking colours, textured illustrations and fascinating stories, the book has something for children and adults alike

London-based design studio Scout Editions has released Mini Stories, a book about the history behind the things that surround us, from the natural world to manmade objects.

Published by Counter-Print, the book was born from the studio’s love for history and storytelling, as well as its penchant for vibrant illustration, riso, and colour.

Combining all of these elements, Mini Stories takes readers through the back stories of some of our most well-known and beloved objects, traditions, and phenomena.

Included in the book’s 288 pages are fascinating facts such as how the ice-cream cone was invented, how Dalmatians get their spots, and how long the longest game of chess was.

There are also straightforward explanations behind phenomena such as rainbows and ‘golden hour’ sunshine, as well as short histories of certain animals and insects.

These snappy stories are accompanied by lovingly illustrated artworks that exhibit Scout Editions’ trademark colourful approach. Simply rendered and originally printed on a riso printer, they add an eye-catching visual element to each explainer.

This style is carried through to the casebound cover, which features a bellyband displaying one of the book’s many illustrations. With eight different bellybands available, readers can choose their favourite story to adorn the front of the book.

Mini Stories shines a light on the little known stories behind some of the world’s most ubiquitous objects, capturing their essence in short tidbits suited to both child and adult readers.

Broad in scope and simple in its execution, the book is accessible and engaging, and shows an appreciation not just for the things humanity has invented, but for nature’s own marvellous work.

Mini Stories is available via Counter-Print;