Modibodi refreshes period kit with Justyna Green’s illustrations

The illustrator has created a comic strip and sticker set for the kit, which also comes with new packaging adorned with characters from the comic

Modibodi, known for its absorbent underwear products for periods and bodily leaks, has worked with illustrator Justyna Green on updating its bestselling First Period Kit.

As well as Modibodi underwear products, a changing bag, and a mirror, the kit comes with a new four-page comic strip, sticker set, and outer packaging illustrations, which have been created by Green. The comic and additional illustrations centre around two characters, Riya and Rosie, one of whom has just had her first period.

The idea was to capture this experience with warmth and honesty while normalising it, in keeping with Green’s past work around topics like endometriosis, periods, and debating having kids.

“Together with the Modibodi team, I wanted to create a kit that speaks directly to the teenage experience, humour, and aesthetics, whilst being educational and bold,” Green says.

“From the get-go, we knew we wanted to depict a vulva within the comic, breaking the taboo around female anatomy, that to date has left too many girls disconnected from their bodies, or even worse – ashamed of them.”

The commission was a “natural fit” for Green, according to Modibodi creative lead, Grace O’Brien. “Justyna can bring the conversation around women’s health to life with unparalleled sympathy and understanding through her illustration.”

Modibodi Teen First Period Kit is available online;