Moju Drinks: Wake Shake Boom ad soundtrack

Category: Soundtrack to a commercial; Entrant: Who Wot Why

Who Wot Why created an unavoidable earworm with its Wake Shake Boom song and campaign for Moju Drinks – designed to encourage consumers to incorporate the brand’s fiery ginger shots into their regular morning routine.

The infectiously repetitive track revolves around its three-word ‘Wake Shake Boom’ tagline, although there is some respite in the form of a power ballad interlude, delivered by a piece of ginger with googly eyes on the music video version of the song.

The visuals are as madcap as the music, featuring a singing cocktail, a drumming sun, and lots of people experiencing ‘shot face’ – the expression you pull after downing a spicy little beverage.

The campaign appeared on time-sensitive billboards aimed at sleepy commuters, as well as in pre-rolls and social ads. According to Who Wot Why, the campaign “infiltrates the sense of the masses with sound, sight and ultimately taste”.

Moju Drinks: Wake Shake Boom
Category: Soundtrack To A Commercial
Entrant: Who Wot Why
Agency: Who Wot Why
Executive Creative Directors: Sean Thompson, Ben Walker
Creative Directors: Conrad Swanston, Alex Bingham
Lead Designer: Tessa Bridge
Agency Producer: David Wieder
Account Directors: Amy Villis, Katie Savelli
Directors: Ben Crocker, Alexis Tymon, Conrad Swanston
Production Company: Sourcy Films
Photographer: Tom Cockram
Photography Agent: Probation
Music Producer: Dom Edgley
Sound Studio: Wave
Sound Engineer: Jack Patterson