Moniker’s new interactive video makes you the creator

The latest project by Moniker allows viewers to contribute to an ever-evolving realm filled with images stitched together

Amsterdam-based design studio Moniker is back with another ambitious project, this time partnering with Neuhaus on an interactive music video for Jo Goes Hunting’s new track Lake of Pavement.

The sporadic universe we see in the music video is suitably fragmented, a fitting representation of the choppy, in places psychedelic, nature of the track. However, the space is populated not by traditional materials, but by a collage of images contributed by the public. Anyone can offer their own photographs to the project while using the platform on mobile, where they’re able to tap on shapes, photograph their real-world surroundings and fill the video with new imagery.

The video is continuously changing as new photographs are contributed by viewers, holding a mirror up to the modern era in which we find ourselves – one characterised by a constant stream of images fed to us on a minute-by-minute basis. This disjointed, non-rational visualisation of space embodies the principles of Neuhaus, which teamed with Moniker for the video. Neuhaus is a temporary academy that is taking over Rotterdam’s Het Nieuwe Instituut exactly 100 years after the emergence of Bauhaus, defining itself as a “transdisciplinary academy for more-than-human knowledge”.

The project demanded a wealth of technical applications, scripts and modelling in order to make it possible, but not without a similar dose of creativity. For years, Moniker co-founders Roel Wouters and Luna Maurer have been meddling with expectations and possibility in interactive media. The studio’s technical prowess and affinity for pushing boundaries has seen it realise challenging visual concepts for myriad projects, including a clutch of unique music videos for the likes of LCD Soundsystem (led by Wouters and former co-founder Jonathan Puckey).

View and contribute to the full music video on

Design studio: Moniker
Concept and technology: Roel Wouters, Luna Maurer, Jolana Sýkorová, Thomas Boland, Grischa Erbe