The golden age of digital typography

AI and other new technologies are having a radical effect on type design. We talk to Monotype creative type director Terrance Weinzierl about what the future holds

“I’m trying to learn as much as I can, but it’s a lot, and it’s happening very quickly,” admits Terrance Weinzierl. He’s talking about the proliferation of artificial intelligence in the creative industry and how it’s changing the particular corner of it that he works in.

As creative type director at Monotype, his role usually involves steering the development of typefaces and working on custom type projects for the likes of Domino’s and PBS. More recently, he’s lent his perspective to the growing portion of AI and machine-learning projects at the type behemoth, which are being housed under the banner of Monotype Labs.

One of its more recent experi­ments in this space is a font pairing tool, which he worked on for the better part of last year. The tool uses machine-learning to suggest complementary typefaces to use together, the first iteration of which is available online. “I was like the ­assistant coach, if that makes sense, to help design the system and basically tell the machine what a good typeface pair is and what isn’t.”