Monument Valley: the creative process

One year on from release, we look back at the creative process involved and the business strategy behind launching the game

Sketches showing level and character development. Players must guide the game’s protagonist through puzzling isometric structures while avoiding some ominous looking ‘crow people’ (pictured left). Structures and puzzles are based on optical illusions, real-life architecture and visual effects trickery

Inspired by real life palaces, optical illusions and popular puzzle games, Monument Valley is a beautifully designed architectural adventure. Players guide a tiny silent princess through curious castles and towers, navigating trap doors, trick staircases and paths that lead seemingly to nowhere, all whilst avoiding some ominous-looking crow people. Each level of the game features a different, Escher-esque isometric structure but the same minimal design, with simple shapes and bold, block colours. With its zen-like soundtrack and mysterious plot, it’s an engrossing experience – and one that has earned millions of fans worldwide.