Monzo reveals cheery brand refresh

The banking app worked with Ragged Edge to create an identity that is “more friendly, more human, more Monzo”

Image shows a graphic that reads 'Making more Monzo' next to a pink Monzo card, as part of Monzo's branding refresh

Launched in 2015, Monzo is heralded for breaking the curse of dry, corporate brands in the personal banking sector. Its uplifting colours, down-to-earth voice and intuitive experience marked a clean break with the traditional banks, winning over a generation of millennials and beyond.

A raft of challenger banks joined Monzo’s ranks in the 2010s, and more recently, personal finance brands have evolved further still as a new generation of customers search for a more sociable way to handle their money. Monzo in turn has recognised that much has changed since it was founded – both in its own activity and the world of personal finance around it – and that its visual identity needed to evolve too.

Image shows a Monzo graphic which reads 'Award winning app with the hot coral card' next to a screen from the app

The bank has unveiled a subtle design refresh, created in a collaboration between Monzo’s design and marketing teams and London-based agency Ragged Edge.

The new identity centres on the coral hue that made Monzo stand out in the first place, supported by ‘deep navy’ and ‘soft white’, and a wider secondary palette. Colours have been dialled up in the M logomark, which will be rolled out in touchpoints such as the app icon, though the shape of the logomark remains unchanged.

Image shows a graphic that reads 'Banking made easy' next to a person of someone looking up at the sky, as part of Monzo's branding refresh

In terms of typography, the friendly, rounded Oldschool Grotesk was chosen as the display typeface, while a custom version of Universal Sans – Monzo Sans – will be used as the primary typeface for functional purposes.

A “warmer” approach has similarly been taken to the art direction and brand photography, as well as a suite of illustrations created by Ola Dobrzyńska.

Image shows three Monzo graphics, with the headlines 'Save for the Future', 'Manage Your Money', and 'Spend Securely Online'
Image shows four Monzo graphics, which read 'Send and receive', 'Find an ATM', 'Asking for help', and 'Social spending'

Monzo also revealed an “exaggerated UI”, with bold buttons and components. Senior brand manager Jesse Cogswell clarified that these will be used for marketing and advertising purposes – for instance, quickly communicating features in a short ad – rather than integrated into the app.

However, Monzo plans to implement other parts of the new visual identity, such as the colours, across its app experience over the next few months.

Image shows eight graphics designed as part of Monzo's branding refresh;