Monzo launches biggest campaign in five years with Uncommon

The agency’s first piece of work for the brand aims to remind people how money matters are easier to handle with Monzo

UK high street bank closures are at an all-time high, in part due to the growing popularity of digital banking, with more than two-thirds of people in the UK with a digital-only banking account.

Monzo is the UK’s largest digital bank with more than nine million customers, and while its popularity is clear, the brand’s latest above-the-line campaign aims to celebrate the way their platform can help people feel better about money.

The campaign, titled Money Never Felt Like Monzo, has been created by Uncommon Creative Studio and is the agency’s first piece of work for the brand since winning the account. The 60-second film, directed by Marie Schuller, illustrates the ease of using the platform through a series of comparisons. For instance, a tarantula scaling a bald head becomes a head massager, while nails across a chalkboard become the delicate plucking of a harp.

Essentially the negative and the stressful feelings associated with money management are transformed into “empowering, positive emotions”, all via the act of banking with Monzo.

The UK-wide campaign continues across OOH ads created by the agency and shot by Jp Bonino, which again use side by side comparisons – here a broken toilet becomes a pretty bird fountain or a pair of ice block shoes become soft, fluffy slippers.

These ads will go live across the UK including in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle. Elsewhere, Monzo will wrap the Financial Times in hot coral pink both in print and digitally.

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Director: Marie Schuller
Photographer: Jp Bonino
Production company: RSA Films
DOP: Olan Collardy
Sound & Music: Soundtree
VFX: Rascal Post