Morten Morland on satirising the news

Morten Morland has sketched the political landscape for almost 20 years. Here he discusses what’s changed in cartooning in that time, and why it’s important to send up all politicians equally

“The job of a cartoonist,” says Morten Morland, “is to get a complicated story across with as few words as possible. The ultimate aim is to do this purely visually, so what you strive for are cartoons without speech bubbles, titles, or even labels, if you can help it.”

For nearly two decades, the prolific creative has been sharing his satirical political commentary with readers of the Times and producing striking covers for the Spectator. Morland’s extensive client list includes TV, advertising and publishing’s biggest names, but it is through his wit and skilfully drawn political cartoons that he has crafted some of the most iconic images of our time. “What he draws can do a better job summing up politics than what I could write in 2,000 words,” reflects Morland’s Spectator editor Fraser Nelson. “His art captures our times.”