Motherhood as opportunity not obstacle

This week on CR we’re focusing on the ad industry. Here Lauren Morris, Design Director at Iris talks about having a child while working at an ad agency, and how it made her a better, more inclusive leader

Parenthood is often spoken of as a career obstacle, most especially for women. As the creative industries seek to address issues such as the gender pay gap and the desire for flexible working, motherhood is often portrayed as a problem to be overcome in the work place. Yet it can also be the impetus for positive change; for everyone, not just parents.

During a discussion about flexible working at the recent Creative Equals’ Future Leaders conference, the subject of motherhood was addressed by a panel of speakers, including Lauren Morris, Design Director at Iris. In a follow-up conversation, we spoke to her about her experiences with motherhood, how it has made her a better leader and the changes she has brought from it to Iris.