Moving image work created by photographers

Title of work: Findus Fishscape
Photographer: Carl Warner
Cat no.: 7.0021

Beautifully crafted animated short for Findus in which all elements are made from various foodstuffs.

TItle of work: War Child
Photographer: Adam Hinton
Cat no.: 7.0030

Harrowing but ultimately uplifting interviews with child rape victims who have been helped by the War Child charity.

Title of work: Young Souls

Photographer: Dean Chalkley

Cat no.: 7.0039

Beautifully observed documentary short on the contemporary Northern Soul scene. The full length film can be viewed here

Cynthia – Creative Review Photography Annual 2011 from Pod Films on Vimeo.

Title of work: Everyone has a story (Cynthia)
Photographer: Dave Young
Cat no.: 14.0004

A charming portrait of Cynthia, knitter and member of the West Dorset Accordion Group.

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John Ross

Traditional photograms are made by placing objects directly onto photographic paper. For CR’s cover this month, John Ross has updated the idea by using the digital back of the camera, the ‘chip’ itself, to create a series of intriguing images themed around the letter ‘P’. “Unlike the traditional film method that uses negative film, the […]

Pushing drugs

In the late 20th century, medicines became big business, with marketing budgets to match. Pharma, a new exhibition at the Herb Lubalin Study Center in New York, will look at the role of Big Pharma in the evolution of graphic design and advertising

Exhibition: Serge Seidlitz show

Illustrator Serge Seidlitz’ first London solo show is now open at the Coningsby gallery. The exhibition includes original drawings, screenprints, zines, T-shirts and also a number of hand-woven Nepalese rugs sporting Seidlitz’s work…

Holy Flying Circus animations

I really enjoyed last night’s Holy Flying Circus on BBC4, the part-fact part-surrealist dramatisation of the furore surrounding the release of the Monty Python film, Life of Brian. It had some great animated sequences, too, that paid homage to the pioneering work of Terry Gilliam. Here’s how director Jim Le Fevre made them

Graphic Designer

Fushi Wellbeing

Creative Designer

Monddi Design Agency