Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us receives full Kickstarter funding in just two days

The Mover Kit is a wearable that reacts to activity: kids can code it to be a game, a bike light, a disco bracelet… or whatever they can think of

Technology Will Save Us is a London-based company renowned for its kits for kids which mix coding and tech with, well, good fun. Previous products include kits to create your own synthesiser, your own games, and – for younger children – a kit that allows you to make sculptures with dough and then bring them to life with light and sound.

TWSU has also recently partnered with the BBC to design the BBC micro:bit – a pocket-sized device designed for project-based making and coding, which will be given free to one million school children this year.

But now to the company’s latest marvel – the Mover Kit, which has gone down a storm on Kickstarter this week, raising its $50,000 target in just two days. It’s easy to see the appeal of the kit, which appears to answer two widely held concerns about today’s children – that they aren’t being taught enough about computing and coding and they aren’t active enough – in one go.

The wearable is, crucially, easy to put together – the designers liken it to making a Lego house or paper airplane in terms of difficulty. It can then be programmed by kids (the target audience is 8+) via a bespoke online platform called Make in three modes: motion sensor (accelerometer), compass (magnetometer) and rainbow lights (LEDs). TWSU test out their products with the audience they are aimed at, and the Mover Kit has already been trialled by over 300 kids in its design stages.

The film below tells you a bit more about how it works:

Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us
Components of the Mover Kit – assembling it is as easy as making a LEGO house
Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us
The assembled Mover Kit which can be strapped to the wrist, bike handle or anywhere else
Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us
The Mover Kit can be programmed by kids via a bespoke online platform called Make

And a lot more info can also be found on the Mover Kit’s Kickstarter page, which is running for another 27 days.

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