Moving image

Moving image projects created by those working predominantly as photographersx§

Title of work: Helium
Photographer: Dave Young
Caption: Teaser for a feature documentary on Helium made in collaboration with Keith Gray. Actors, their voices made squeaky thanks to the gas, discuss its uses

Title of work: Dust to Dust
Photographers: Michael Bodiam and Ryan Hopkinson
Caption: Film commissioned by Port magazine for the launch event of Volta + Vibram’s latest shoe collection at Pitti Uomo, in Florence, June 2012

Title of work: Floorplay
Photographer: Shaw & Shaw
Caption: Charming documentary on the open air line dancers of Southport

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Seb Lester’s Arse, and other new works

Your eyes do not deceive you, the word ‘arse’ really has been hand carved in a block of Welsh slate. This is, in fact, one of a series of new stone artworks unveiled by typographer and designer Seb Lester on his website today…

Illustrator vs illustrator

To create the artwork to fill its first publication, Manchester-based illustration collective Foursight (comprising the talents of Dominique Byron, Jordan O’Brien, Matt Bray and Kris Sale) paired up 20 illustrators and asked each duo to do battle…


A new diary offers up a fresh start, the promise of a whole year conveyed through clean, blank pages. But what if it told of the cold hard truths that lay ahead? The Disappointments Diary 2013 does just that

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