Mr Bingo illustrates manly advice for Luksusowa vodka

Illustrator Mr Bingo has brought his unique sense of visual humour to bear on a new website for vodka brand Luksusowa

Illustrator Mr Bingo has brought his unique sense of visual humour to bear on a new website for vodka brand Luksusowa.

The Man’s Guide to Manliness, created by AnalogFolk, contains handy tips for men on how to perform everyday activities, such as ‘how to stay in shape’ (see illustration above), or ‘how to choose a dog’ (see artwork below). It ties into the vodka’s wider brand positioning with its focus on ‘manliness’.

According to Jamie Lillywhite, design director at AnalogFolk, Mr Bingo was an obvious choice. “Mr Bingo stood out for us from the start. His illustrations are fairly crude, yet comical, and always play on male orientated humour. This style was perfect for what we had in mind. Each tip provided him with the creative license to showcase his quirkiness and bring the entertaining copy to life.”

The site contains around 33 tips, which visitors can also share via social media. It is not a new digital marketing concept, but Mr Bingo’s illustrations always manage to raise a chuckle, and are amusingly well suited to this tongue-in-cheek style of machismo.

Agency: AnalogFolk
Creative Lead: Ray Jopson
Design Director: Jamie Lillywhite
Copy Writer: Alistair McKnight
Planner: Nick McWilliams
Account Director: Bill Brock
Agency Producer: Stuart Pearman
User Experience: Julie Herskin
Illustrator: Mr Bingo

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