MSI: Every Choice campaign

Entrant: Uncommon Creative Studio; Category: Writing

MSI Every Choice campaign

We live in a world of seemingly infinite choice. However, for half of the population, one of the most fundamental choices isn’t guaranteed everywhere – 40% of women live in countries where abortion is banned, restricted or inaccessible, while 257 million women have no access to contraception.

Today, reproductive rights around the world are facing a perfect storm. Funding challenges are hitting at the same time as the anti-choice opposition has been emboldened by the fall of Roe v Wade, which swept away the constitutional right to abortion in the US. This dual threat is putting the health, rights and futures of women and girls around the world at risk.

In response, global sexual and reproductive health provider MSI Reproductive Choices partnered with Uncommon Creative Studio to raise awareness about the power of reproductive choice and the charity’s important work. MSI’s campaign, Every Choice, amplifies the charity’s mission to make choice possible for women worldwide, via a provocative series of outdoor and print ads.

The series highlights the thousands of daily choices we are presented with as we go about our lives – from which hair dye to purchase, to the bagel topping we eat for breakfast – to draw attention to the comparative barriers surrounding women’s reproductive rights today.

Using real data, the executions show these everyday choices through a series of extensive lists. The lists are portrayed in print; in outdoor settings they make reference to nearby locations. As the wide variety of choices are listed, it becomes clear that the lack of choice on something so important is unacceptable.

MSI Every Choice campaign

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
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