MTV’s balloon burst flip-book

ParanoidBR director Dulcidio Caldeira shot this stop-motion ad for MTV Brazil, using bursting balloons to create a flip-book effect

ParanoidBR director Dulcidio Caldeira shot this stop-motion ad for MTV Brazil, using bursting balloons to create a flip-book effect:

To make the film, balloons were fastened onto a 200 metre long rail, and lined up via laser guide. “To achieve a moving picture effect, 10 balloons had to be popped per second, or 600 balloons per minute,” Caldeira says. “It took nearly 24 straight hours to shoot the multiple takes needed.”

Agency: Loducca Sao Paulo
Client: MTV
Creatives: Dulcidio Caldeira, Andre Faria, Guga Ketzer
Creative Directors: Cassio Moron, Marco Monteiro, Pedro Guerra
General Creative Director: Guga Ketzer
Executive Creative Producers: Sid Fernandes, Ana Luisa Andre
RTV: Karina Vadasz
Production: Paranoid
Director: Dulcidio Caldeira
Photography: Alexandre Ermel
Animation/Illustration: Daniel Semanas / Paranoid Lab
Executive Producer: Egisto Betti
Final Art: Sindicato VFX

UPDATE: Dulcidio Caldeira has now posted a making-of film to show how the balloons film was made. See it below:


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