Müller Corner joins forces with Magic Eye for new campaign

The brand continues piling on the nostalgia as it relaunches 90s fave flavour Mississippi Mud Pie-Inspired via a set of hypnotic posters

The new campaign, created by VCCP Blue, follows last year’s pared-back campaign which aimed to remind audiences of how much they loved the brand’s distinctive corner yoghurts in their youth. As well as bold and beautiful imagery, Müller sparked conversation on social where people shared their favourite flavours.

One of these is the Mississippi Mud Pie-Inspired flavour, which fans have been begging Müller to resurrect via social media groups and apparently even a government petition (which somewhat beggars belief considering the many things we could be asking the government for right now, but anyway).

It turns out some dreams can come true, with the flavour returning as the first in a new range of Müller Corner Originals. To promote it, the brand has joined forces with US firm Magic Eye Inc to create a yoghurt-inspired optical illusion, which appears on posters and social media films.

Magic Eye was a craze in the 90s, and with the films set to the track Renegade Master, which was remixed by Fatboy Slim in 1997, the nostalgia levels are ramped up even further.

The team hopes that the current interest in all things 90s will also draw in the elusive Gen Z audience along with those who were there first time around.

“This project has been a blast from the past from start to finish,” say creative directors Emma Houlston and Colin McKean. “We’re buzzing to bring some 90s-style wide-eyed good vibes to everyone who remembers Mississippi Mud Pie-Inspired Müller Corner and Magic Eye from first time round, while introducing them to a new generation.”

Agency: VCCP Blue
Creative Directors: Colin McKean, Emma Houlston
Senior Creatives: Sophie Szilady, Sophia Johnson
Production Company: Magic Eye Inc®
Magic Eye Creative Director: Cheri Smith
Post: Girl&Bear
Photographer: Colin Campbell