Müller’s new Wünderful Stuff spot

TBWALondon’s new Wünderful Stuff spot for Müller features a host of well loved TV characters including Yogi Bear, KITT (the car from Knight Rider), the sniggering Muttley from Wacky Races, and even the Mister Men…

TBWALondon, will tomorrow launch a £20million intergrated campaign for Yogurt brand Müller by screening a new 90 second ad during the X Factor show on ITV. Directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet through Partizan Lab, the spot, Wünderful Stuff, stars the unlikely combination of Yogi Bear, Muttley from Wacky Races, a selection of Mister Men, and KITT, the car from Knight Rider…

That’s right, no more Nina Simone telling us repeatedly she’s got her arms, hands, legs etc (thankfully). And no more breathy voice overs from Joanna Lumley or shots of girls on swings in pastoral settings etiher.

TBWALondon’s new campaign plays on the idea of stirring something wonderful into something mundane (a la the experience of stirring fruity compote or chocolate flakes into plain yogurt). And so it has come to pass that a host of well-loved TV characters, along with some new animated friends, inject a fruity dose of fun to a street full of commuters and office workers. Without further ado – here’s the new spot:

The ad is undoubtedly a big production with the various 2D characters (Yogi Bear, Muttley, the Mister Men et al) all animated using traditional hand drawn cell techniques in order to stay true to their roots. No small amount of special effects, 3D modelling and digital animation has been done by The Mill too.

We’ve had a sneak preview of the inevitable making-of film, although it is work in progress at the moment. Instead of the usual talking heads explaining how brilliantly creative they all are, it simply details how many of the shots were created using a host of techniques. As soon as we can, we’ll share it with you.

Wünderful Stuff credits:

Agency TBWALondon
Executive creative director Andre Laurentino
Creative directors Mike Nicholson and Paul Pateman
Agency producer Jason Ayers
Production company Partizan Lab
Director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
DoP Glynn Speekaert
Animation director Mustashrik Mahbub
Production company producers David Stewart, Isabella Paris, Henry Schofield
Editor Bill Smedly @ Work Post
Post production The Mill


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