Music videos of the year 2018

From pole-dancing bodybuilders to the inner life of feet, 2018 had its fair share of stand-out music vids. Here’s CR’s top ten

It might be remembered most as the year Childish Gambino won hearts and minds, but there were plenty of other memorable music videos in 2018. We saw Star Wars director Rian Johnson tell a love story for LCD Soundsystem, SOPHIE explore questions around identity and appearance, and Janelle Monae perform in a pair of vagina trousers.

There was also some serious debate around how music videos directors make their money – which CR delved into earlier in the year – raising the seemingly eternal question of why videos often receive so little investment by labels and artists. Especially as Hiro Murai’s This Is America video is proof, all on its own, that the music video can still make an enormous cultural impact.

Here are our ten picks of the year: