Musicless Music Videos reprised for BBC Four trails

Mario Wienerroither works with BBC Creative on series of trails for Friday Night Music on BBC Four

Mario Wienerroither’s hilarious technique of stripping music videos of all sound bar ambient noise, leaving just a medley of squeaky shoes, grunts and breathing was a bit of a YouTube sensation when it surfaced some three years ago (particularly his version of Bowie and Jagger’s Dancing in the Street).

He has now worked with the BBC’s in-house creative team to produce a series of trailers promoting the Friday Night Music slot on BBC Four. The first three feature Iggy Pop, Lionel Richie and Tina Turner, with more to come in subsequent weeks.

Creative: Vikki Stephenson
Creative Head: Susan Ayton
Executive Creative Heads: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon
Sound Designer/Editor: Mario Wienerroither
Researchers: Edward Hobson, Farad Painchun


Milton Keynes