Music’s many moods become characters in Spotify Premium campaign

Directors Cabeza Patata have created a cast of puppet-like characters that express the many ways music makes us feel, for a new Spotify ad campaign

The duo designed a collection of brightly coloured people – all purposefully ageless, raceless and genderless, to fit Spotify’s 72 markets – that each express a different emotion linked to music.

‘Empowered’ is a silver-suited disco dancer while ‘The Feels’ character is all snuggly blanket and woolly socks. Cabeza Patata gave each character their own clothing and realistic textile patterns, including a particularly fetching polka dot tracksuit for ‘Excited’. “We used only key elements and abstract shapes to create a non-specific and, at times, dream-like world,” say the pair.

There’s 11 emotions in total, and a completely different set of dance moves for each one. The duo created the films digitally, although drew from the slightly awkward movements of frame-by-frame animation.

This, combined with extra effect such as squiggly lines coming out of feet and heart-shaped clouds, add to the films’ charm.

According to Spotify, the campaign hopes to show that music – and more specifically a Spotify Premium subscription – has something for every single mood.