My laser warrior being lost in the rage by Liza Borovikova

Honourable Mention – Personal

Russian photographer Liza Borovikova created this series as a way to explore her “alter-egos and dreams”, but also to experiment using analogue photography techniques. To create the unusual effects in the ­images, she used materials including collage, spray paint, mirrors and ink.

“I’ve daydreamed a lot since I was a little kid,” she says of the series. “It is a way to cope, to create, a response to trauma, a way to be myself. There are thousands of universes in my head and so many alter-egos of mine. They are all beautiful creatures with troubled minds; they all have something I don’t. They all represent me at a certain angle.”

Art direction, photography, clothing: Liza Borovikova
Model: Sveta Maximova
Light: Nikita Smotrich
Makeup: Merseyanova Ann
Photography, light assistant: Natasha Ptushko
Accessories: ArcanumWorld