Myerscough and Morgan’s Superstructure

Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan’s latest multicoloured spectacular structure acts a gateway to the Stockholm Kulturfestival this weekend

Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan’s latest multicoloured spectacular structure acts a gateway to the Stockholm Kulturfestival this weekend



We’ve written before about the amazing pavilions created by Myerscough and partner Luke Morgan. Their latest project, Superstructure, sits on the Norrbro Bridge in Stockholm.

The City of Stockholm and the British Council have put together a diverse range of events for this year’s Kulturfestival in the city which has the theme of United Kingdom. Myerscough and Morgan were asked by The British Council and Claes Karlsson, creative director of the Festival, to design a structure that was eyecatching and fun and at the same time functional for the four days of the festival.



“As the bridge was being closed off this only allowed a four day install and 1-2 day takedown,” the pair say. “Due to the limited time it made sense to design the structure around four shipping containers which provided dry secure spaces for the various workshops to inhabit and scaffolding that was quick to put up and take down. As we were in such a prominent position on a bridge we wanted to give people views that at any other time were not possible so we constructed platforms for viewing and relaxing.”

“In the centre of the structure is a large totem with seating at the base and we proposed this to be a poetry piece working with young people in the suburbs of Stockholm with the British poet Yemisi Blake.

“Blake went to Stockholm and worked with the young people at 2:a Hemmet – Ungdomens Hus in Skärholmen to create a series of 5 word poems using Swedish and English. Twenty poems were created and we chose four for the totem.”





“Even though there were time constraints we wanted to hand paint as many elements as possible. The City of Stockholm offices are in old warehouses and this allowed us to set up a painting workshop for the summer,” Myerscough and Morgan say. “The City of Stockholm arranged for two recent graduates, Olle Ardman and Björn Krogvig, from the Konstfack college, to run the workshops for us when we were not there with a team of paid young summer workers. Morag went and set the workshop up and showed all the techniques and provided all the stencils for painting and then the team in the workshop got in production over a three week period. Young people who had never painted before really enjoyed the whole experience.”



Artists: Morag Myerscough & Luke Morgan
Client: The City of Stockholm & The British Council
Creative Director of Kulturfestival: Claes Karlsson
Kulturfestival Project Manager, Superstructure: Philippa Staffas
British Council, Senior Programme Manager, Theatre and Dance:
Andrew Jones


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