NABS unveils new identity as it asks ‘How’s Work?’

The support organisation for the media and advertising industry is searching for the next generation of leaders to help tackle mental health issues

The National Advertising Benevolent Society – or NABS as it is commonly known – has a mission to support, improve and champion the wellbeing of employees and employers in advertising and media. Over the years, it has provided support for those facing redundancy or financial problems: increasingly, however, those working in advertising are turning to it for help in coping with mental ill-health, anxiety and depression.

NABS’ new tagline, ‘How’s Work?’ – revealed today as part of a new brand identity created by Fold 7 – reflects that focus. “Through two simple words: ‘How’s Work?’ NABS challenges us all to reflect on the direction in which we are going. Whatever the answer to the question, their focus on building resilience and confidence, career guidance and advice, and heartfelt support can help us all stay on course,” says NABS President, Karen Blackett. “This new branding is a timely reminder that NABS is needed in today’s world of work more than ever.”

In the first half of 2017, more than a quarter of the 1,400 calls to its Advice Line were seeking help with mental ill-health, anxiety and depression – 25% were requests for financial assistance and 16% from people facing redundancy.

The new identity is part of NABS’ Ambassadors campaign which highlights industry issues on topics such as stress and resilience. Its headline ‘Who Cares?’ is designed to encourage industry leaders to become NABS Ambassadors, championing industry issues around work and representing their community.

According to Diana Tickell, NABS CEO, the campaign is “aimed at recruiting the next generation of NABS Ambassadors to bring to light important issues facing our industry and to provoke a response from those who want to address issues around workplace wellbeing. We want to find the people in our industry who share our ambitions of creating a happier, healthier more productive workforce and want to play an active role in improving work life for them, their colleagues and the industry at large.”

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