Naresh Ramchandani on doing a bunch of things reasonably well

Are you a slashie? An art director/designer/illustrator/more besides? Possessing the skills to do many things is handy, but there’s satisfaction in just one thing, done

I’m a bona fide slashie. A classic case of slash.

I’ve always been able to do a bunch of things competently/reasonably well. At my slashiest, I could claim to be a writer/creative director/strategist/public speaker/composer/producer/director. But I don’t. Let me tell you why.

I’ve directed, but I’m not a real director. Yes, I’ve been named as the director on a production and flounced around the location doing finger frames and uttering phrases like ‘contrapuntal zoom’ and ‘mise en scène.’ But it was only because the budget didn’t stretch to a real director, and because we were shooting bits of chicken that didn’t need to act, and because the crew included a fantastic DOP who minimised the damage I could do by doing all the directing.