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Will Netflix spark a rebirth in great ads?

Netflix has recently announced that it will offer a lower-priced subscription featuring advertising. Here, Ben Kay explores what opportunities it might offer the ad industry

Later this year a new advertising platform will be created. We don’t yet have exact figures, but its global audience could be over 150 million people, each one of which is projected to spend over three hours a day glued to this new offering – more time than the average viewer spends on YouTube.

This isn’t going to be another revamp of direct marketing, like the offerings of Meta, or the keyword-purchasing fun of Google’s SEO machine. This is going to be a proper audio visual entertainment medium, and its advertising will be much more in line with what TV channels currently offer.

That’s because this is a TV channel; a much-loved, globally-famous brand that has given millions of us many hours of high quality entertainment over the last ten years. In fact, they have delivered many cultural moments that have been shared simultaneously across the world.

Yes, I’m talking about Netflix.

Their first-ever reductions in subscription numbers have led them to explore a less expensive advertising-funded tier, culminating in an announcement that they would be partnering with Microsoft to offer that option later this year.