Artists and designers share a collective creative manifesto in new show

The New Art School Rules! features works created by artists, designers and image-makers that together send a message about what lies at the heart of their creative practice

Jane Plüer

New Art School Rules! is being held at Bury Art Museum, and launched as part of Design Manchester 2019. The group show was curated by John Rooney, Kat Au, John Owens and Malcolm Garrett, and aims to put forth a new set of “formative rules for creative practice”.

The collective manifesto is formed out of over 100 submissions by artists, designers and creative studios, including Craig Oldham, Jane Bowyer, Ian Anderson, as well as the likes of Jane Plüer and Harry Pearce, who both submitted from Pentagram.

Together, the works send a collective message on what they believe to be essential to the creative process, ranging from helpful principles, such as “learn something new every year”, to light-hearted advice: “always design without pants”. As a group they offer ample food for thought as well as a lovely set of designs.

Craig Oldham
Jane Bowyer
Harry Pearce
Vicky Carr
Marion Deuchars

The New Art School Rules! is on display at Bury Art Museum until January 25;