New designs: A Friend of Mine, FIELD, RKCR/Y&R, Music & more

Our latest pick of new designs includes some striking animations for Monotype by FIELD, a charming pop-up book by graphic designers Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert, pattern-based branding for a dessert boutique by A Friend of Mine and a beautifully crafted catalogue for the new YSL retrospective in Durham by Here.

Our latest pick of new designs includes some striking animations for Monotype by FIELD, a charming pop-up book by graphic designers Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert, pattern-based branding for a dessert boutique by A Friend of Mine and a beautifully crafted catalogue for the new YSL retrospective in Durham by Here.

A Friend of Mine – Bibelot

Bibelot is a European style dessert boutique in Melbourne, Australia, home to a patisserie, gelateria, coffee bar, chocolate shop and ‘tea salon’. Local studio A Friend of Mine (founded by Suzy Tuxen in 2009) was commissioned to create branding, packaging and signage for the shop, and designed an elegant system based on mosaic tiling. “Wanting to marry branding, packaging and signage together to evoke a strong sense of place, and drew upon mosaic tiling techniques as a design reference point,” says the studio. “We custom crafted typography with intricate tiling patterns in a bold geometric typeface to give a sense of modernity and avoid a pastiche look.”

The monochrome palette and sans type create an upmarket feel, while splashes of colour and patterns on packaging add a playful touch. The studio also worked with Breathe Architecture on mosaic signage in the boutique, which unites the point of sale displays and interiors.

FIELD x Monotype

Motion design studio FIELD has been working with Monotype this year to create Type Reinvented, a series of digital installations using the company’s typefaces, which are inspired by ideas about the future of typography. The studio created an elegant display using Didot for Le Book’s annual event in Paris, followed by an interactive display (above) for Resonate Festival in Belgrade, which presented viewers with ‘an infinite journey’ through Unicode glyphs in 96 font variations of Noto Sans, the only typeface designed to represent every symbol in every language.

For this year’s Cannes Lions, FIELD created Responsive Energy, a series of animations exploring type in context with space, material and light. “In a percussive sequence, bold letter shapes define spatial compositions, melt into tactile surfaces, and form out of dynamic generative processes,” says the studio. Films feature some striking visuals and some excellent sound design by Jochen Mader.

Creative Direction: Marcus Wendt. Production: Valtteri Laihanen, Vera-Maria Glahn. Responsive Energy animation by Julien Simshauser, Matt Evans, Fernando Magalhães. Sound design: Jochen Mader. Glyph Index Software Development: David Li, Patrick Fürst, Tak Fung, Marco Weber.

That’s My Hat

That’s My Hat is a pop-up adventure book for children, created by graphic designers Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert. It tells the story of a small boy who travels across a city, visiting a library, zoo, shop, hairdressers and other buildings along the way. Each page features a clever pop-up structure, with colourful illustrations and geometric patterns throughout. It’s a pleasure to read, and the latest in a series of imaginative titles by Rigaud and Boisobert.

That’s My Hat is published in the UK on September 14 by Thames & Hudson and costs £14.95

RKCR/Y&R – Camden Lock Books

RKCR/Y&R has created a colourful series of print ads for independent bookshop Camden Lock Books, following the results of a recent survey which found that sales of e-books are falling while paper book sales are on the rise. The campaign offers reasons why paper books are better than digital ones, with lines such as ‘you can’t get an author to sign an e-book’ and ‘you don’t have to turn of a book before take off’.

The ads were created using pages from books, with individual words from the page highlighted to create the headline for each ad (Update: a technique which artist Tom Phillips has been using since the 60s in his long-running project, A Humument, as several people have pointed out on Twitter). The ads are bold, cheerful and bound to stand out in a magazine or newspaper. “Illustrations were designed to be bright, colourful and eye-catching, everything that an e-book is not,” says art director Tim Brooks.

Here Design – Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal

Here Design has created the catalogue for Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal, the first retrospective of the late fashion designer’s work in the UK.

The exhibition is on display at Bowes Museum in Durham until October 25, and includes 50 iconic pieces of clothing by the designer, as well as sketches and photographs from throughout his career.

Here’s catalogue features a blind embossed monogram on the cover, which the studio says is inspired by the timeless nature of Saint Laurent’s work and his famous quote, “fashion fades, style is eternal”. Inside, bright pink stitching and end papers reference his shocking pink Zepherine dress, which is being shown in the exhibition for the first time since it featured in a fashion show at Blenheim Palace in 1958.

The book also pays homage to craft with open binding and different textures and paper stocks, and an ‘Alchemy of Style’ section is printed on gloss art paper to echo the design of the exhibition space, where the same section is housed in an all-white glass box.

“We wanted the book to become a souvenir of an idea, rather than just an assemblage of photographs and information. We therefore designed the book as something both useful and beautiful, rooted in the authenticity of Yves Saint Laurent’s visual and verbal worldview,” says Here.

Music – British Fashion Council Annual Review 2014/2015

Music has created a sleek annual review for the British Fashion Council, with an all-black cover housed in a foil blocked slipcase.

An acrostic design spells out the word ‘influence’ alongside the Fashion Council’s key goals. Inside, tip-ins separate chapters on its five ‘strategic pillars’ (business, education, innovation & digital, investment and reputation), while stats are broken up by quotes from industry experts about the industry in bold type.

The publication also features gilt edging and photographic spreads showcasing imagery from the British Fashion Awards and London Collections: Men. Music creative Lottie Brzozowski says the book’s “confident aesthetic” and “bold tone” is designed to make “as much of a statement as the content itself”:

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