New designs: TwoPoints, Form Us With Love, Art&Graft and a tribute to Massimo Vignelli

Our latest pick of new designs includes graphics and interiors for a beer exhibition, visual identities for an architecture practice, a North London supermarket and children’s TV channel Boomerang, a new music streaming app and a poster exhibition paying tribute to Massimo Vignelli.

Our latest pick of new designs includes graphics and interiors for a beer exhibition, visual identities for an architecture practice, a North London supermarket and children’s TV channel Boomerang, a new music streaming app and a poster exhibition paying tribute to Massimo Vignelli.

TwoPoints – Aamodt/Plumb

Barcelona studio TwoPoints has designed a new visual identity for Aamodt/Plumb, an architecture practice with offices in Texas and Massachusetts. The system is based on the slash between its founders’ surnames, used in the practice name: “the slash was turned into a line, the line into a division of space, the space into a placeholder for the studio’s work,” explains TwoPoints. Images of wood, stone, marble and concrete provide a nod to the company’s use of natural materials in stationery and communications, while the colour palette combines a clay-like hue with brighter shades of yellow, coral and blue.


Form Us With Love / Böfüms – Spiritsmuseum

Images by Jonas Lindström via

Stockholm design studio Form Us With Love has collaborated with studio Böfüms on a new exhibition about beer at the city’s Spiritsmuseum. The show offers a look at Sweden’s growing beer culture – the number of breweries in the country has increased from 30 to 150 in five years – as well as different brewing techniques and the art of making a good pint.

Form Us With Love says the exhibition design was inspired by ateliers and science labs, with bottles displayed like specimens in a neon green and white grid along one wall. Graphics above a central display highlight different stages of brewing and are projected as large-scale shadows via a clever use of lighting, while more bottles, artefacts and 3D infographics are also displayed on podiums.

Images by Jonas Lindström via



Created by Barcelona-based graphic designers Aleix Artigal and Aleix Fernandez and programmers Jordi Jimenez and Sergio Barreto, Playmoss is an app and website allowing users to stream music and compile playlists from various platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud. A beta version of the site was launched last year and a new version is now available as an app for iOS and Android phones, as well as online.

Fernandez says the pair came up with the idea after trying unsuccessfully to find a site that would allow them to seamlessy stream music from several platforms. “Initially, it was a kind of experiment – Playmoss was conceived as a place where you could organise your streaming videos and music tracks, paste links and have it all collected in one place,” he explains.

“During our first tests, we realised it would be great to share these lists with other people, even follow users and their playlists, [and] play one track after the other, no matter which platform they came from. These functions were what we developed in the first Playmoss. The response was good, but some things were lacking – more social features, a search engine, app etc, so we decided to move the project to the next level, producing a new version,” he adds.

The site also offers an embeddable player for Pro users, allowing record labels, brands and festivals to add a Playmoss playlist to their own site – Barcelona festival Sonar has already made use of the platform to promote its artists, as have Vida and Cruilla festivals, and Fernandez says magazines have also used it to illustrate music articles. “The tool is also really useful for labels and festivals because they can put together all the promotional artist material and personalise the profile with their own branding image – they can share this on social networks or embed players with line-ups on their websites,” he explains.

It’s not the first website to allow users to create playlists gathered from multiple sources – Whyd and Songdrop also offer this service – but the Playmoss app includes a range of extra features, such as an artwork section highlighting the work of music photographers, record sleeve designers and directors, while a Staff Picks selection and regular Friday playlists curated by musicians make it easy to browse new music. Playmoss has also produced some playlists on vinyl to promote the site:


Art&Graft – Boomerang channel

Art&Graft has created a colourful new on-air visual language for Boomerang, a TV channel owned by Cartoon Network’s parent company Turner Broadcasting. The channel was launched in 2000 and shows classic cartoons from Looney Tunes to Scooby Doo on a 24-hour loop. In 2013, Turner decided to rebrand it and asked Art&Graft to create a new look that would appeal to young children and their parents.

The identity is based around an isometric grid filled with icons and animations to create the effect of “a fun-filled playground of surprise and excitement,” says creative director Mike Moloney. Icons include witch hats, clapper boards and buckets of popcorn, signalling different content, while ‘diamond events’ (animations which take place within the same diamond shape) feature characters from the channel’s various shows.

The grid system is inspired by the black-and-white Cartoon Network logo and symbols and animations are interchangeable, making it easy to create new idents, bumpers and promos for film showings. Art&Graft says the new look aims to give regions more flexibility while providing a recognisable and playful identity.


Sid Lee’s Dashboard

To celebrate its sixth year of business, Sid Lee Paris commissioned design studio Playground to create an interactive dashboard offering an insight into daily life at the office. We’re not quite sure why you need to know how many times the fridge door has been opened or the toilet flushed, but it’s a nicely designed interactive and a fun way to promote the agency, with each stat revealing a graphic tracking daily, monthly and annual activity. Try it out at


Harringay Local Store

Design studio Bold & Bold has created a minimal monochrome identity for Harringay Local Store, an independent shop in North London selling locally made products and seasonal produce from around the UK.

Black-and-white signage features the store name in mismatched type, while staff uniforms and brown paper packaging feature the same lettering and the message ‘Stuff Your Face’. The studio has also created window graphics, labels and a sandwich board for outside which reads ‘Not Another Tesco’ alongside the store’s Twitter handle. It’s a minimal design, but the tongue-in-cheek wording and handmade look reflect both the shop’s artisanal produce and its positioning as a local alternative to national chains. It also matches the building’s industrial interior and monochrome tiles used on the store’s front.


Timeless – A tribute to Massimo Vignelli

Posters by Hey studio (left) and Toko

Organised by Spanish graphic design studio Husmee Estudio Graphique!, Timeless is an exhibition paying tribute to the brilliant Massimo Vignelli, who sadly died last year aged 83. The show opens at the Cultural Centre Okendo in San Sebastian this Thursday until April 18 and includes a collection of 33 posters inspired by Vignelli’s work, created by local and international designers and studios (participating creatives include Sydney studio Toko, as well as Spin, Magpie, Hey and Astrid Stavro).

Beatriz Cifuentes and Yoshiki Waterhouse, associates of Massimo Vignelli, have also donated identity guidelines, magazines, invitations and stationery designed by Vignelli from their personal collections, which will be shown alongside furniture he created for Knoll, Heller and Poltrona Frau. The exhibition closes with a series of talks on April 17, by Waterhouse, Cifuentes and Alberto Corazón.

Artwork by Pep Carrio (left) and Astrid Stavro

Posters by Mario Eskenazi and Javier Mariscal

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