Cross purposes? New England rugby shirt resembles 2010 football design

Well this is odd: a new England Rugby Union shirt for the 2018-19 season features a scattering of tiny St George crosses. Just like the England football shirt of 2010

New England Rugby shirt on left, Umbro 2010 England football shirt on right

Back in 2010, Peter Saville designed detailing for a new shirt for the England football team on behalf of kit suppliers Umbro. To the delight of some, and the deep annoyance of others, his design featured a pattern made up of tiny St George crosses in various colours. The crosses were scattered across the shoulders of the white home shirt, though a special edition version featured them across the whole garment.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the Rugby Football Union announces its New England shirt, produced by Canterbury. This design also features a multitude of St George crosses, again in various colours.


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