Honda Civic ad

New Honda Civic ad is a typographic beauty

Wieden + Kennedy London has created a stand-out new ad for the Honda Civic, which has an elegant, graphics-led style

It’s hard to make an entertaining car ad. All too often – in an obvious desire by brands to show off their vehicles at their shiniest, slickest best – audiences are offered generic scenes of handsome people (usually men) driving fast along epic highways. The cars may look good in these spots, but for audiences, they run the risk of all blending into one.

Honda has consistently stood out for doing something different with its advertising, often opting for quirky, cheeky charm over anything too polished. In this new spot though, its long-term agency Wieden + Kennedy London manages to pull off what must surely be a holy grail for car brands – an ad where the Honda Civic looks super slick, yet the ad is captivating too.


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